About Us

A couple on a boat in Prague

Hey there! Welcome to LetsHead, your go-to place for ideas and resources for a flexible lifestyle that enables you to take your work along, wherever you go. No kidding! While people in traditional employment might still find it hard to believe, remote work is a BIG thing today. More people than ever are now willing to make the transition to a completely new lifestyle that challenges the humongous importance assigned to work in our lives. More and more people are inclined to take baby steps to redesign their current way of life that revolves around work.


Who are we?


We are Debolina and Arpit, polar opposites in every way possible but united by our shared love of two things: a simplistic lifestyle and dogs! 🙂


So what are we like exactly?


He likes EDM and all that jazz (pun intended) while I like to tap my foot to good ol’ Bollywood numbers!


He likes simple homemade food while I like to gorge on authentic Chinese and Lebanese at a nice restaurant.


He likes to hang out till late night while I’d rather stay at home and binge watch shows with my dog.


He is sociable, gregarious and a lovely party host while I am almost always socially awkward.


He is a cleanliness freak who keeps even his desktop window clean(duh?!) while I am mostly a clumsy soul.


Too different, eh? Well, we think so too. And these contradictions are super annoying at times (especially when he orders vegetarian food at a fine-dining restaurant while I order grilled prawns, chicken kebabs and the likes)! Damn it, I feel hungry at the thought of it.


To cut it short, we are two very different people who have found meaning in one thing that gives us the flexibility to mould our lives the way we want, not the way society dictates. That thing is ‘remote work‘: an arrangement that allows professionals to work outside a traditional office set up.


That automatically makes us ‘digital nomads’. Right?


Wrong. We never call ourselves ‘digital nomads’. Because we are not. We have a very comfortable base in our hometown from where we work remotely for offshore clients. Our nomadic instincts, however, make sure that we travel somewhere every other month. That’s been the norm so far at least.


Why did we start this blog?


The reason behind starting our own blog is to bring the remote work community closer so that we can share and learn from each others’ setbacks and successes, highs, and lows. Considering that the concept of ‘remote work’ is still alien to a lot of people, especially in India where most elders and youngsters alike still give us the sceptical eye when we say we ‘work from home’. Many even think that ‘work from home’ translates to chilling at home and doing no work in reality (bummer!).


Our aim though is not to prove people wrong but to widen the perspective in general. Remote work in today’s world is not an escapist’s option to steer away from a traditional 9-5 job. In fact, it takes way more dedication, effort, and experimentation to thrive and sustain a living as a remote worker. Not everyone can take risks. We have. And we want to encourage others like us to push boundaries and take the leap of faith. After all, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. – T. S. Eliot


P.S. To learn more about remote work and how to transition to the modern nomadic lifestyle, go check out our first blog post here! 🙂